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Messianic · Trained-Bear

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This is written on the wall right in front of me:

                                we all
                    have a "Rachael"
                      that we hate in
                             our lives.

Some people never take the time to just look around at the little things. Today those people certainly missed out on inspiration, wisdom, and beauty. I feel so much more connected to my fellow man.
At least we have this in common.

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If Superman was born on Krypton and is an alien with as much to do with earth as suddenly crash-landing there, if he is therefore not a man, then why the hell does Kryptonite give him the powers of a normal human man? That's a completely arbitrary level of ability. He isn't a human who was graced with powers, he's an alien and those powers are his normal state. I understand that Kryptonite weakens him, but how does he end up with the strength of a man? the speed of a man? the x-ray capabilities of a visually-impaired man?
Actually the glasses are just a disguise, that last part was invalid and unfair.

Ha! Now who's livejournal is boring?

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Jupiter hasn't even orbited the sun twice since I've been alive.
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#1 Hit Jam
1 Of The 2
2:45 A.M.
The 2nd Avenue Saint Plunge
5 Times Out of 100
8 Ball (remix)
8 Full Hours Of Sleep
9/11 Was (An Inside Joke)
9mm And A Three Piece Suit
9th & Hennepin
12:00 AM
16 Stories High
16th St. Dozens
20 Dollar
20 Eyes
23 Lies
25 Years
48 Hours
’52 Ford
53rd & 3rd
60 Revolutions
74 Fullerton
500 Channels
666 Conducer
1956 And All That
Current Music:
#1 Hit Jam 1 Of The 2 1-10 2:45 A.M. The 2nd Avenue Saint Plunge 3Songs ... etc.
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Hey! Where's my unemployment check? You guys said on tuesday that you would send it "as soon as you could" and it's friday and STILL no check! What's up with that? Canada's looking pretty good right now, government.
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I party like it's $19.99!
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Mere several minutes of creating and becoming overwhelmingly frustrated with a new livejournal account, and already I'm being triumphantly greeted by the clowns I am now electronically submissive to: "You've only made 0 friends!"

Hoorah! It's begun. And nowhere is there any sign of simplicity or sanctuary, or even anything recognizable or understandable. What's calling itself my homepage is a horrifying pile of internet ads and options that mean nothing to me. Something is saying my mood is creative and my music is FRNK radio. This thing could say whatever it wanted to about me and I would have no way of changing it of telling anyone the truth.
My "profile" is awful. It took all the specific questions it asked me earlier and put my answers in lowercase and alphabatized them, I think to make me look like an idiot. I tried to fix it and it got even worse. Luckily I lied on every answer. Even the stuff they make up about me aren't about me. My mood may be "creative" but at least I'm not me. It's Messianic Trained Bear who listens to FRNK radio.

When I click on friends, I expect it to be simple, maybe something like: You have no friends. Instead there's wallpaper and ads and a callendar and then miles of random meaningless articles by clipart pencils and cartoon beings in tuxedos and fake people I don't know. Alex's livejournal is so simple looking. Why is this so weird?! And why did this thing stop spellchecking me? It was before.

I'm not going to click on Communities, or ScrapBook, or Explore LJ. I refuse.
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